# ls -l /home/tactifail

Hack365 – Day 44

TL;DR – I wrote a Neo4j Cypher query to help with finding potential admin accounts tied to non-admin accounts during internal pentests Sometimes during a pentest I will see a user naming scheme like so: or similar, where the non-admin username is modified in some way to determine the username of an admin account for […]

Hack365 – Day 43

TL;DR – I (attempt to) dump the flash memory from an LED scrolling text display over i2c My dad loves little blinky lights and gadgets and gizmos, so very often we will end up with a bunch of them for the toddler. One of those batches are some scrolling LED badges that I featured in […]

Hack365 – Day 41

TL;DR – Just making toys for my kid ❤ Sick kid is less sick today, but after playing outside and handling dinner, we had some time to play with some electronics I gave him. Just a battery, some wires, some LEDs, some old buttons I soldered onto copper board ages ago, and a motor, but […]

Hack365 – Day 40

TL;DR – Busy day, so I only had time for a little reading. The things I took care of today which were not hacking were: The things I did today which were hacking-adjacent were: Some days are more hacky than others.


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